Saturday, November 26, 2016

Buckle up your seatbelt: The World in 2017

Image by WikiMedia Commons
The World is shifting."McCarthyism" or "War on Terror" will not longer be sufficient models to explain the complexity of what's going to happen in next years.
Israel standing with Trump while Trump is standing by Putin? In political terms, Putin's goals in the Middle East commune with those of Iran. And in Economic terms, China cannot hide anymore its purpose of being a player in this game. A possible China/Russia/Iran axis is what I fear. Internal divisions in the United States will look small next to the whole World's division. Then, there is the surge of incendiary propaganda: both from Russia and from other groups inside the United States. There is more, much more. Just watch the news, with an open-mind, with no assumptions that things will tend to be pretty much the same as they have been so far.

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