Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ferguson Aftermaths

It took as long as some centuries to conquer a sort of racial balance in the United States. Most of us thought that the election of an Africa American president in 2009 was the definitive prove of that mutual understanding. However, in spite of that common belief, the recent shooting of a young black man in Ferguson, Missouri, as well as the following reactions that the shooting triggered, cast some doubts on that belief.

Is there a threat of Neo-Racism in the United States?

It seems like the social balance is going nowadays through a crisis. As any other crisis, this might carry on an opportunity for individual and collective grow. Whether the recent events in Ferguson will ignite a negative or positive change, depends a great deal on the future reactions of the social groups involved, i.e. the whole American community


Bellow there is a painful expression of some of the cultural waves and tides that the events in Ferguson has risen among the color community.